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Summer Camp Fun!

Our Summer Camp is having lots of fun on their field trips this summer!

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Mini Caramel Apples!

Ms. Adaire kept her camp kids busy today.  They made miniature caramel apples.  The dipped cut up apples into caramel sauce.  They all thought they were delicious and lots of fun!

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Denver Aquarium

  On the camp field trip to the Denver Aquarium the children saw mermaids and were able to pet stingrays.

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Aquarium Field Trip

  The camp children had a blast at the Denver Aquarium.

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Fruit Kabobs

The campers had a great time making fruit kabobs using raspberries, blueberries, marshmallows. The children just ate their delicious kabobs.

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Colorado Railroad Museum

The camp kids had a great time at the Colorado Railroad Museum. They got to go inside some of the old trains and pretend they were the train conductors.

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Look At Our Park!

The campers were not able to make their field trip to the park due to weather. The children decided they wanted to create their own park using butcher paper, markers, and crayons. The children had a blast decided where everything … Continue reading

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